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2017 Fiddlers Convention Winners

Youth Competition


Old Time Fiddle

  1. Asa Nelson- Zionville, NC
  2. Max McGlothlin- Narrows, VA
  3. Molly Widener- Fancy Gap, VA
  4. Sam McGlothlin- Narrows, VA
  5. Lucy Kovacich- Sparta, NC


Bluegrass Fiddle

  1. Allison Amstute- Dugspur, VA


Old Time Banjo

  1. Nicholas Wingo- Ivanhoe, VA
  2. Ethan Pardue- Sparta, NC



  1. Ethan Handy- Christiansburg, VA
  2. Hanna Debord- Piney Creek, NC
  3. Elizabeth Carter- Ronda, NC


Bluegrass Banjo

  1. Travis Hawkins, Galax, VA


Youth Band

  1. Rhodedendron- Sparta, NC


Houston Caldwell Memorial Award


Best All-Around Youth Performer:

Max McGlothlin- Narrows, VA



Adult Competition



  1. Clarence Roberts- Galax, VA


Old Time Fiddle

  1. Jerry Correll- Elk Creek, VA
  2. Nancy Sluys- Westfield, NC
  3. Betty Vornbrock- Hillsville, VA



  1. Marvin Farmer- Hillsville, VA
  2. Austin Simmons- Pilot Mountain, NC
  3. Mike Martin- Riner, VA
  4. Roger Weatherman- Ivanhoe, VA
  5. John Powell- Mocksville, NC


Old Time Banjo

  1. Trish Fore- Galax, VA
  2. Eric Hill- Fries, VA
  3. Kevin Fore- Galax, VA
  4. Stanley Widener- Fancy Gap, VA
  5. Daniel Boyer- Fries, VA



  1. Vincent Bullins- Lawsonville, NC
  2. Matt Stacy- Grundy, VA
  3. Jackson Cunningham- Mouth of Wilson, VA
  4. Lisa Widener- Fancy Gap, VA
  5. Olen Smythers- Dublin, VA



  1. Virgil Adams- Galax, VA
  2. Penny Kilby- Mouth of Wilson, VA
  3. JoAnn Redd- Galax, VA
  4. Bobbi Roberts- Galax, VA
  5. Tony Underwood- Wytheville, VA


Folk Song

  1. Tommy Nichols- Mt. Airy, NC
  2. Beth Smith- Walnut Cove, NC
  3. Greg Ward- Floyd, VA
  4. Amy Nelson- Zionville, NC
  5. Norman Hagerman- Pilgrim Knob, VA




  1. Chad Harrison- Claudville, VA
  2. Joshua Raines- Haysi, VA
  3. Steve Kilby- Mouth of Wilson, VA
  4. Gary Lowery- Marion, VA
  5. Gene Anderson- Dobson, NC


Bluegrass Fiddle

  1. Rebekah Graham- Jumping Branch, WV
  2. Marlon Dean- Independence, VA
  3. Brian Grim- Elk Creek, VA
  4. Crystal Shipley- Winston Salem, NC
  5. Emma John- London, England


Bluegrass Banjo

  1. Clay Russell- Troutdale, VA
  2. Joey Cox- Pulaski, VA
  3. Ronny Harrison- Galax, VA
  4. Mike Mullins- Haysi, VA
  5. Ted Nixon- Jonesville, NC


Flatfoot Dance

  1. James Dunford- Max Meadows, VA
  2. Marianne Kovatch- Fries, VA
  3. Amanda Funk- Fries, VA
  4. Amy Davis- Ivanhoe, VA
  5. Michelle Carrico- Fries, VA



Bass Fiddle

  1. Mitch Bentley- Coeburn, VA
  2. Ben Silcox- Riner, VA
  3. Bill Sluys- Fries, VA
  4. Kakoda Hensley- Winston Salem, NC
  5. Lynne Powell- Mocksville, NC


Bluegrass Bands

  1. Bad Ridge- Haysi, VA
  2. Harrison Ridge- Mt. Airy, NC
  3. Gaining Ground- Mocksville, NC
  4. The Bus Boys- Mouth of Wilson, VA
  5. Southern Breeze- Pulaski, VA


Old Time Band

  1. Brush Creek Buddies- Fries, VA


Henry Whitter Memorial Award


Best All-Around Performer

Vincent Bullins- Lawsonville, NC

Summer Concert

Fourth of July FUN!!

Come celebrate an old-fashioned Fries Fourth of July

Parade at Noon

Games and fun in the ballpark all day

Softball game at 6:00

FIREWORKS at 10:00 p.m.


Horse Show

Come out and join us Saturday, June 10 for our Annual Spring Horse Show.  The fun begins at 6:00 at the Jamie Hyatt Arena at the old Providence Elementary School.

Rodeo! Bulls, Broncs, and Barrels!!

2017 Events at the Jamie Hyatt Arena

Longaberger and Thirty-One Bingo

Fire Prevention Parade and Open House


Fall Horse Show

Our Fall Horse Show will be held Saturday, September 17!!  Show starts at 5:00.  $100 will be added to Calcutta Barrels!!


Fourth of July!!

Come on down to the Fries ballpark to celebrate the Fourth of July!  Parade lineup begins at 10:00 a.m. at the old mill site.  Parade will begin at 11:00 a.m.  Activities in the ballpark begin immediately after the parade.  Activities include children’s games, music, an old-timers, guns, and hoses softball game.  Fireworks will be at 10:00 p.m. at the ballpark!  Admission is $1.00, kids 5 and under are free!  No cost to play games.  Concessions will be available.

4th of July

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