Ranch Rodeos, Ropings, and Horse Shows, Oh My!

We are excited to announce our dates for our horse events this year:

Friday, June 12: Ranch Rodeo and Team Roping beginning at 7:00

Saturday, June 13: Show classes will begin at 2:00 and speed classes will begin at 7:00

Friday, August 29:  Ranch Rodeo and Team Roping beginning at 7:00

Saturday, August 30: Show classes will begin at 2:00 and speed classes will begin at 7:00

We will also be holding practice ropings one Sunday evening each month beginning in April.  Dates will be posted as soon as possible.

An open competition roping will be scheduled this summer.

More details will be posted as they become available.  All events will be held at the old Providence School grounds.

2015 Officers







We recently installed our officers for 2015:
Chief- Chad Stanley
Assistant Chief- Robbie Carrico
Captain- Jimmie Underwood
1st Lieutenant- Kenneth Young
2nd Lieutenant- Arlen Lineberry
Rescue Captain- Chrystal Faulkner
Rescue Lieutenant- Samantha Amburgey


Business Officers:
President/Treasurer- Allen Faulkner
V.P.- Mitchell Lineberry
Secretary- Amanda Pauley
Chaplain- Larry Williams
Reporters- Dylan Hackler and Mitchell Lineberry
Trustees- Chad Stanley, Allen Faulkner, Mike Hackler, Kenneth Young, and Arlen Lineberry


Cadet Officers:
Captain- Katy Sapp
1st Lieutenant- Meredith Stanley
2nd Lieutenant- Tiffany Melton
President- Eric Jones
Secretary/Treasurer- Grace Hyatt

Fire Prevention Parade and Open House

fire prevention


Our Annual Fire Prevention Parade will be held Sunday, October 5 at 5:00.

Lineup will begin at 4:00 at the old mill site

All fire departments, rescue squads, and community groups are invited to participate

Please join us after the parade at the fire station for refreshments and fire prevention materials


2014 Ranch Rodeo Series Champions

Ranch Rodeo 2









                    Meadow Brook Farms

Chief Robbie Carrico presents champion buckles to:

Celestino Guzman, Curtis Heath, and Justin McClellan

2014 Ranch Rodeo

Ranch Rodeo 1










                      September 19 Ranch Rodeo Winners

                                    Camp Creek Cowboys

   Jon Kerley, Travis Hampton, Jason Brumley are presented

                    winnings by Chief Robbie Carrico

48th Annual Fries Fiddlers Convention

48th Annual Fries Fiddlers Convention


  1.  Tony King- Galax, VA
  2. Steve Kilby- Mouth of Wilson, VA
  3. Zack Arnold- West Jefferson, NC
  4. Jacob Greer- Jefferson, NC
  5. Greg Wilson- Fries, VA

Old Time Fiddle

  1.  Eddie Bond- Fries, VA
  2. Tessa Dillon- St. Albans, WV
  3. Richard Bowman- Mt. Airy, NC
  4. Lucas Paisley- Sparta, NC
  5. Kilby Spencer- Crumpler, NC

Bluegrass Fiddle

  1.  Rebekah Campbell- Ballard, WV
  2. Crystal Shipley- Kingsport, TN
  3. Kitty Amaral- Elk Creek, VA
  4. Debbie Gitlin- Walkertown, NC
  5. Doug Merritt- Wilmington, NC

Old Time Banjo

  1.  Kelley Breiding- Crumpler, NC
  2. Trish Fore- Galax, VA
  3. Josh Ellis- Galax, VA
  4. Mariane Kovach- Fries, VA
  5. Jared Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA


  1.  Luke Morris- Galax, VA
  2. Adam McPeak- Max Meadows, VA
  3. Rodney Hodges- Galax, VA
  4. Austin Tate- Marion, VA
  5. Terry Keene- Barren Springs, VA


  1.  JoAnn Redd- Galax, VA
  2. Bobbi Roberts- Galax, VA
  3. Curtis Bond- Fries, VA
  4. Virgil Adams- Galax, VA
  5. Vickie Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA

Folk Song

  1.  Leo Tate- Mt. Airy, NC
  2. Garry Dalton- Draper, VA
  3. Johnny Williams- Danville, VA
  4. Ted Turner- Max Meadows, VA
  5. Sarah Gibson


  1.  Phyllis Gaskins- Bridgewater, VA
  2. Dick Lamb- Keezletown, VA
  3. Clarence Roberts- Galax, VA
  4. Tom Sturik- Galax, VA
  5. David Parks- Dublin, VA


  1.  Billy Bourne- Fries, VA
  2. Robert Ellis- Mocksville, NC
  3. Marvin Farmer- Hillsville, VA
  4. Roger Weatherman- Ivanhoe, VA
  5. Frank Lawson- Galax, VA

Bass Fiddle

  1.  Lloyd Richardson- Warrensville, NC
  2. Barbara Bowman- Mt. Airy, NC
  3. Stacy Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA
  4. Bill Sluys- Fries, VA
  5. Joe Bass- Fries, VA


Bluegrass Banjo

  1.  Rita Hunt- Atkins, VA
  2. Gary Wilson- Fries, VA
  3. Gray Tuttle- Wilkesboro, NC
  4. Tim Lineberry- Hillsville, VA
  5. Austin Greer- Marion, VA

Dance- 16 and Under

  1.  Macy Hinson- Asheboro, NC
  2. Karyss Isom- Fries, VA
  3. Alisha Bemis- Fries, VA
  4. Allyson Bemis- Fries, VA
  5. Peyton Isom- Fries, VA

Dance- 17 and Over

  1.  Susan Ashe- Lowgap, NC
  2. Stacy Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA
  3. Barbara Bowman- Mt. Airy, NC
  4. Vickie Boyd- Laurel Fork, VA
  5. Amanda Funk- Fries, VA

Bluegrass Band

  1.  Adam McPeak and Mountain Thunder- Wytheville, VA
  2. Valley Grass- Saltville, VA
  3. Creek Junction- Warrensville, NC
  4. Green Valley Grass- Max Meadows, VA
  5. Holston River Band- Marion, VA

Old Time Band

  1.  Crooked Road Ramblers- Crumpler, NC
  2. Slate Mountain Ramblers- Mt. Airy, NC
  3. Grayson County Daredevils- Elk Creek, VA
  4. Fries Wildcats- Fries, VA
  5. The New Spring Valley Boys- Fries, VA







Old Time Fiddle

  1.  Kitty Amaral- Elk Creek, VA
  2. Jamin Whitaker- Fancy Gap, VA

Bluegrass Fiddle

  1.  Kamron Nunn- Westfield, NC
  2. Macy Henson- Asheboro, NC
  3. Alison Frost- Fries, VA


  1.  Emily Delp- Galax, VA

Old Time Banjo

  1.  Madison Shepherd- West Jefferson, NC

Bluegrass Banjo

  1.  Clay Russell- Troutdale, VA
  2. Riley Dockery- Dobson, NC


  1.  Presley Barker- Traphill, NC
  2. Matthew Baumgardner- Galax, VA


  1.  Never Seen- Marion, VA

Houston Caldwell Award for Best All-Around Youth Performer:

Presley Barker- Traphill, NC

Horse Show Classes

Don’t forget the Ranch Rodeo and Horse Show that will be held at the old Providence Elementary School.  The Ranch Rodeo will begin at 7:00 p.m. Friday, June 13 and the Horse Show will begin at 6:00 p.m. Saturday, June 14.  WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!

Rodeophoto 1



Ranch Rodeo and Horse Show

imageOur first ranch rodeo and horse show for this year will be held Friday and Saturday, June 13 and 14.  The ranch rodeo will begin Friday evening at 7:00 and the horse show will be held Saturday evening at 5:00.  Both events will be held at the old Providence Elementary grounds.  Hope to see you there!!